510 Solar got my 3.3 kW solar PV system up and running with ease while demonstrating excellence in designing, installing and commencing production. The system is easily beating production estimates by 10% and has nearly eliminated my utility bill with the savings expected to pay for the system in less than 8 years.

David Rees

510 Solar was the perfect fit for my solar needs. The company is run professionally and with great customer service by its proprietor Nate. Nate provided lots of information and assistance free of charge before presenting me with a fair and accurate estimate. First, he determined the ideal location for my off-grid solar array. He also calculated how big of a system I needed to meet all of my power needs, and showed me that I could afford a small off-grid solar electric system that left room for expansion at a later time.

He installed a 600 Watt solar array with a battery backup consisting of eight deep cycle batteries for less than what PG&E quoted me to connect my parcel to the utility grid. The work was done on time, and exceeded my expectations. Now I have power and I will never have to pay another power bill for the rest of my life.

I will be returning to use 510 Solar when I am ready to expand and upgrade my system this fall. If you are looking for a reliable company to help you save money and gain energy independence, 510 Solar is the right company for you.

Alaina Bailey